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Smart accessories for rail assembly, individual extension and lightweight frame stud construction

nextVIT as an overall system is inspired by your work. We have taken a close look at where the crucial tasks are and where we can make installation even easier for you.

This has also resulted in an extensive range of accessories that make your work easier, especially when it comes to rail assembly and individual extension, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in design. Summarised all accessories can be downloaded from the nextVIT catalogue.

Selected accessories - rail assembly/individual extension

C-rail S500

Our centrepiece for fastening nextVIT pre-wall frames in rail assembly in front of solid or lightweight frame stud walls: the high-quality perforated nextVIT C-rails made of Sendzimir galvanised steel in 500 cm lengths for individual cutting. 100% MEPA quality from our own production.

C-rail Set S150

Particularly practical for rail installation in front of solid or lightweight frame stud walls: ready-configured installation sets 150 cm long with infinitely variable installation depth adjustment between 220 and 290 mm.

C-rail Set S300

You want to create a higher construction? Then choose our nextVIT C-rail set S300 with a length of 300 cm for rail installation or individual extension - also with an infinitely variable installation depth adjustment between 220 and 290 mm.

wall bracket C-rail

We have developed this wall bracket especially for mounting nextVIT pre-wall frames on the C-rail of the extension system; thanks to the EasyConnect quick-release system, it is child's play to attach and the depth can be adjusted continuously from 220 mm to 290 mm.

mounting set C-rail

Your smart helper for extremely easy connection of mounting frames or support with a C-front and C-floor rail. The same applies here: Simply click into place and fasten with a flick of the wrist.

threaded plate C-rail M8/M10

We have developed nextVIT C-rail threaded plate for pipe clamps and everything else that you want to fasten with a screw connection in the individual extension: It simply clicks into the C-rail and holds by itself without slipping wherever you push it.

NEW The best of both worlds: one connector for stable prefabrication and quick on-site installation

In the new nextVIT connector we have combined the positive features of its two predecessors. You can now profit from a practical quick-release fastener, where you only have to tighten the screw. And you get a transport-stable connection with almost no tools, which saves you a lot of work during prefabrication and on-site installation. And with just a few parts, you have full flexibility for a wide variety of connection situations.

Connector  C-rail EasyConnect

For connecting nextVIT C-profiles. Extremely fast and stable fastening thanks to EasyConnect technology.

Universal connector C-rail EasyConnect

Our secret weapon in rail assembly and individual extension for the simple installation of 90 deg. angles and for labour-saving fastening of extension rails to walls and floors.

Cross connector C-rail EasyConnect

For particularly simple and quick production of cross-shaped connections of vertical and horizontal C-rails - using practical EasyConnect technology, of course.

Articulated connector C-rail EasyConnect

The all-rounder for creating angled connections with nextVIT C-rails: freely adjustable for angles from 30 deg. to 180 deg. and therefore perfect for individual extension.

3D connector C-rail EasyConnect

For easy right-angled connection of vertical and horizontal C-rails - simply connect with the integrated EasyConnect technology, tighten and the angle is set!

Wall-floor angle prefabrication EasyConnect

For particularly quick and easy attachment and alignment of prefabricated MEPA pre-wall systems to the building structure and for levelling out construction differences - using practical EasyConnect technology, of course.

Selected accessories for lightweight frame stud construction

mounting module - lightweight frame stud construction - concealed shower tray/bathtub tap

Pre-assembled mounting plate for concealed shower tray or bathtub tap, for drywall installation, for individual installation in a lightweight frame stud wall. Infinitely height-adjustable and depth-adjustable from 65 mm to 105 mm

mounting module - lightweight frame stud construction - heavy loads

Equipped for all eventualities: With this pre-assembled connection crossbeam, you can easily and safely attach heavy loads such as bathroom cabinets when installing them individually in a lightweight frame stud wall or in drywall installation.

mounting module - lightweight frame stud construction - single-hole basin mixer

A pre-assembled connection crossbeam for single-hole washbasin mixer for individual installation in a lightweight frame stud wall or for drywall installation.

Selected accessories for shower WCs

Connection of universal shower WC

For installation of a water and electrical connection to connect a shower WC.

Connection of Geberit shower WC

Used to install a water and electrical connection for a shower WC - for water and electrical connection 5.5 cm from the centre line.

Water connection set for shower WC

Used to install a water connection for fitting a shower WC- for concealed cisterns with pre-mounted empty pipe for the water connection.

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