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nextVIT pre-wall frames - designed for easy installation

Drill holes where they are needed - click-in grid wall brackets and construction protection box, crossbeam adjustment without slipping and fumbling. That has to be nextVIT.

With the new EasyConnect features for fast, tool-free installation and great flexibility in use, MEPA nextVIT ensures what you need on the construction site: simple, convenient and smooth installation. And no hassle with planning and installation. Our answer to full order books.

1 EasyConnect: nextVIT wall bracket single mounting

Snap in instead of flip out.
Our new wall brackets for single mounting are made of fibre-reinforced plastic and can be snapped into the element without tools for quick wall mounting. Highly break-resistant and load-stable. With tool-free depth adjustment. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT wall bracket

2 EasyConnect: nextVIT mounting plate

Revolutionary simple mounting to wall and floor.
nextVIT mounting plate can be moved vertically and also offers a practical slotted hole horizontally. This allows you to drill holes in the wall and floor in an area 4 times larger than usual. nextVIT base plate can be used in both directions for even more flexibility. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT mounting plate Video: nextVIT base plate

3 EasyConnect: nextVIT outlet bend

Hands free for quick connection.
nextVIT outlet bend rests on the lower crossbeam of nextVIT elements and is three-way adjustable in depth. This makes the connection much easier - if only because you have both hands free. And, EasyConnect quick-mount clip ensures tool-free fixation in just a few seconds. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT Outlet bend holder

4 EasyConnect: nextVIT building protection box

Secure building protection with one click.
When installing, every move saved counts. That is why we have equipped nextVIT pre-wall frames with the nextVIT building protection box. It offers click-in quick mounting without screws - and can be removed just as easily at any time with a flick of the wrist. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT Building protection box

5 EasyConnect crossbeam adjustment

No slipping, no fumbling.
With nextVIT, the crossbeams on the washbasin and urinal can be easily moved to where you need them with one hand due to the integrated EasyConnect quick-fit clips. And attach with two wing screws without tools. This saves an extra hand - and is real fun. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT slip resistance

6 EasyConnect mounting plate

One wall pane holder for all pipe systems.
The smart EasyConnect mounting plate for washbasin, urinal and bidet fits on the wall pane of all drinking water pipe systems. For easy fastening in the specified drill holes. Better in detail.

Video: nextVIT mounting plate

nextVIT pre-wall frames for every area of application

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